Lifestyle of Heri Noir

While curating the brand of Heri Noir, I found myself becoming creatively stifled.  Thankfully I had an epiphany....Heri Noir isn't a brand its a lifestyle. Of course, I have products that I believe promote the lifestyle and there's even a logo attached!! LOL 


But Heri Noir is a lifestyle 


Heri is a word commonly used in Swahili speaking countries it means Happiness. 


Noir is a word commonly used in French speaking countries it is the masculine word black.


It took me a while to realize that everyone deserves to be happy and no one should ever feel the need to apologize for pursuing their happiness. Heri Noir is a manifestation that reminds us daily that its ok to be Black and Happy. I chose candles to represent the lifestyle brand because I feel as if candles are nostalgic. Candles also can make our dwelling to smell immaculate. Candles aren't the only way that we are promoting Black happiness; we also have body butter. Let's face it, when your skin feels awesome you feel awesome. Instead of using products with more than one unknown chemical; use an all-natural silky body butter. Your skin will thank you and you'll have a new attitude!

I thank you for your visit! And I hope that you find this site so outstanding that you just can't help  but to purchase something. Lol! Stay blessed, Stay Happy, Stay Black!